Have You Seen Pinterest’s New Look?

Pinterest has a new look!

Pinterest’s New Look

Have you seen Pinterest’s new look? I was looking through the feed on my Pinterest account this evening.  I refreshed the page to get updated pins and all of the sudden there was a different appearance!  I thought something was wrong with my computer so I refreshed my page again. Nope, there is definitely a new interface for Pinterest.   Same great website, just a different look and a new way of interacting.

Pinterest's New Look

The feed looks a little cleaner – no borders around the print.  The buttons at the top also have a new look.

Pinterest's New Look

To edit your profile, change your account settings,  find friends or logout those buttons have moved as well. 

This only seems to have changed on my computer though.  When I look at the app the seems to still have the same interface.

I like the new clean appearance.  What do you think about Pinterest’s change?  Leave a comment!




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