Shrimp Scampi – A great weeknight meal

Shrimp Scampi – A Great Weeknight Meal

Shrimp Scampi from #shrimpscampi #healthy

Shrimp Scampi makes a great weeknight meal because it is quick and easy to make.  This shrimp can be served in a variety of ways including over pasta or rice.  It would also be good in a salad.

Even though shrimp is a common allergen it does offer many health benefits.  It contains 2 antioxidants – selenium and astaxanthin and has about 20 grams of protein per 4 oz serving. Shrimp also supplies 78% of your daily B12 needs as well as 50% of your phosphorus. To read more about the health benefits of shrimp, click here.  Furthermore, at 28 calories per ounce it makes a pretty low calorie meal.


Step 1

Finely chop ½ a small onion then cook it in a small amount of olive oil over medium heat until soft. Put the garlic in the pan and cook for another 1-2 minutes.


Step 2

Add shrimp and cook until the shrimp turns pink.


Step 3

Finally, add lemon juice.  Then salt and pepper to taste. 

That’s it!  Just three easy steps and only about 15 minutes of prep and cook time! Enjoy!

Leave a comment on how you would serve this dish!

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