Free March Planner Stickers “In like a lion, out like a lamb” – will it hold true where you live this year? According to the forecasts it looks like this might be more lore than a weather predictor this year with most areas having higher than normal temperatures![…]

Celebrate Dr Seuss Day March 2

Celebrate Dr Seuss Day March 2 Celebrate Dr Seuss Day March 2 in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday! He would have been 113 years old this year!    You can learn all about Dr. Seuss at the Seussville website. The site also has games and activities as well[…]

National Cherry Pie Day National Cherry Pie Day is celebrated on February 20 which just happens to coincide with President’s Day this year. It seems fitting to celebrate this national day on a day we honor George Washington. Although the cherry tree story is only a myth, George[…]

Vitamin D Your Health Depends On It

Vitamin D-Your Health Depends On It Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because your skin produces it when you are out in the sun.  And most people know that it is used in combination with calcium to make your bones stronger. But did you know that[…]

Free February Planner Stickers Happy early Valentine’s Day! Celebrate with these Free February Planner Stickers! As everyone knows, February is the month of love and romance.  People go to great lengths to show how they feel. The average amount spent per person is $147. Furthermore, in 2016 Valentine’s[…]