Vitamin D-Your Health Depends On It

Vitamin D Your Health Depends On It

Vitamin D-Your Health Depends On It

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because your skin produces it when you are out in the sun.  And most people know that it is used in combination with calcium to make your bones stronger. But did you know that it provides a host of other benefits? You need to be sure to get sufficient amounts of  Vitamin D-Your Health Depends On It!

Vitamin D-Your Health Depends On It

Health Benefits

  1. Cardiovascular Disease – sufficient levels of Vitamin D can help reduce high blood pressure and reduce the risk of a heart attack and stroke.
  2. Autoimmune Disease – Vitamin D can help regulate natural immune responses allowing people with autoimmune disorders to have more normalized immune function. Deficiency in D3 directly relates to autoimmune issues.
  3. Infections – Vitamin D can help fight infections. According to this study, taking Vitamin D supplements can help “reduce the incidence of influenza A” (which is the most common flu).
  4. Depressionresearch shows that Vitamin D plays a role in regulating mood and fights depression.
  5.  Diabetes – lower levels of Vitamin D are associated with increased risk of diabetes. One study shows proper levels of Vitamin D provide a 40% reduction in the risk of developing Type II diabetes.

Sources of Vitamin D

  1. Sunshine – The sun is a great source of Vitamin D. Depending on conditions only 10-15 minutes can provide you with sufficient amounts of Vitamin D.  This website explains the factors contributing to the amount you will absorb. You can also download this app which helps you get enough with getting too much radiation!
  2. Food – 1 teaspoon cod liver oil,  3 oz. salmon and 3 oz. mackerel all provide 100% of you daily value. Tuna provides 57% and sardines provide 41% with a 3 oz. serving.
  3. Supplements – If for some reason you can’t be in the sun or don’t want to eat fish everyday then you may need to take a supplement. Adults should take about 2000 IUs a day.

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

  1. General tiredness
  2. Unusual fatigue
  3. Aches and pains
  4. Bone or muscle weakness
  5. Easily fractured bones

 A simple blood test done through your doctor can check your levels. I get mine checked each year when I go in for a physical. My levels were very low when I first had it tested due to the fact that I avoid the sun due to my lupus.  I was getting sick frequently with colds. However since I started taking supplements the colds I get are few and far between. I  had my husband start taking supplements as well. Neither of us got a single cold this year!

I would strongly recommend getting your Vitamin D levels checked – your health depends on it!


















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31 comments on “Vitamin D-Your Health Depends On It

  1. Hello there –

    I found your blog post through the Over the Moon link party and was interested because I’ve seen some things connecting Vitamin D deficiency to depression before. I’ve done some research on this because I’m dealing with PPD, and I think I might have some Vitamin D deficiency.

    I avoid the sun, too, though not because of a medical condition. I just don’t like being outdoors unless I’m at the beach. Haha. I guess this means I need to go outside a little more often. Thank you for the information! I appreciate it. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I keep saying that I’m going to take Vitamin D supplements in winter and I never remember to buy them. Putting them on my grocery list now. Thanks for sharing with us at Together on Tuesdays.
    Mother of 3 recently posted…Homeschooling Through the Alphabet– E is for ExpectationsMy Profile

  3. This is so true. In the winter, I sometimes am drawn to a window where the sun is pouring in just to soak up some Vit D. Thank you for sharing at DI&DI πŸ™‚
    Lori recently posted…Dishing It & Digging It Link Party {135}My Profile

  4. Just got myself a Vitamin D spray after finding out just how common low Vitamin D is in woman.
    Melissa Ruddy recently posted…Homemade Dog TreatsMy Profile

  5. I am deficient and on prescription D 3. You just reminded me to take it. You are right about how important it is to have it checked. Some people don’t seem to get enough even with sun exposure.

  6. It’s crazy how low everyone’s Vitamin D is these days!

  7. So true! Last winter my levels were 10!

    I had so many neurological symptoms I was convinced that I had MS.

    Vit D def is no joke!

  8. Great info! Most of us need more Vitamin D, don’t we. I take supplements, because of my autoimmune disease. I’m glad you linked up at Together on Tuesdays πŸ™‚
    Lisa Ehrman recently posted…Can Diet Changes Relieve My Pain?My Profile

  9. I was low in Vitamin D. I had a deficiency too and had to take supplements. Thanks for posting on the Merry Monday Link Party!
    Erlene recently posted…30 Day Bathroom Cleaning & Organization ChallengeMy Profile

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  11. Thank you for linking up over at Healthy Living Link Party! You will be featured for tomorrow’s party..hope to see you again. Blessings!

  12. This post is going to be featured on The Blogger’s Pit Stop on Friday. This is a very important message.
    Kathleen – Bloggers Lifestyle recently posted…Eating Gluten Free? – Don’t Make this Mistake!My Profile

  13. My husband and I both get our Vitamin D levels checked annually. We are both low, so take supplements and try to get as much sun as possible. Thanks for the reminders about the importance of Vitamin D. I knew most of them, but this encourages me to do all the things I am supposed to do to keep my levels up!

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  16. I have found that I do feel better when i take my vitamin D. A nutritionist put me on it a while back. This is a good reminder to take it regularly!

  17. I spend the majority of my days outside, so I shouldn’t be lacking, but my doctor put me on supplements anyway.
    I love sunshine!
    πŸ™‚ gwingal

  18. I’ve been taking vitamin D supplements and I definitely think it helps. In the winter, especially, I don’t get outside much. My Dr. told me that almost everyone who lives in a northern climate is deficient in Vitamin D.

  19. I saw this fab post on Blogger’s Pit Stop and totally understand about the importance of Vit D and other vitamins. Some great info here. I took a lot of vit C gummies over Christmas with other vitamins like D, and I believe the combo prevented me from getting that awful cold that has been going around. I was surrounded by sick family for two weeks!

  20. I had low Vitamin D levels at one point several years ago. This is my reminder to order some quality Vitamin D supplements from Shaklee!

  21. I just wrote about post about babies and vit D.
    Great article!

  22. I had no idea that vitamin D is so important for our health. I`m getting plenty during summer because I love sunbathing, but I`m sure I could use more during winter.

  23. Vitamin D is so important, great info. Thanks for joining the To Grandma’s House We Go link party! Hope to see you next week.

  24. It’s important to note that not all blood tests are created equal, and some may be more relevant or necessary depending on an individual’s age, gender, health history, and lifestyle factors.
    Cynthia @ Activefamilychiroaz recently posted…Are Chiropractors REAL Doctors?My Profile

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