Tips and Tricks for Fast Cleaning

Too much mess at home and guest are coming soon? Tips and tricks for fast cleaning
You have guests coming over and your home is a mess, so now you are browsing the internet trying to find some easy steps to have your home cleaned within a short span of time? You want to clean it properly and as quickly as possible? Let me help you with directions on how to clean your home fast and efficiently. I have learned these tips while working as a housekeepers some time ago.

I am going to reveal to you a few tricks for fast cleaning which will help you clean an entire house in no time but you need to provide yourself with patience and focus. You should not get distracted while picking up the old newspapers or magazines or checking your social media. If you concentrate on the cleaning process, you will have your home shined in no time.

Fast Cleaning

First things first. It does not matter from which room you start cleaning, whether it be bathroom or the dining room. SpeedyCleanersLondon are saying that you should always start cleaning from the top and then moving to the bottom. This way you will save so much time since the dust and grime from higher places fall down on lower ones that you still have not started cleaning. First you clean ceiling fans and then furniture and floors. Sweep, vacuum and mop all the collected dirt and dust from the flooring.

If you are in a hurry collect all the clothes piles and clutter in one basket and put it under the bed. You can later deal with it because you are in a hurry now, remember? Wipe down all the furniture and surfaces with a spray and cloth, again starting from the top moving down. For a couple of minutes, the room will be sparkling and clutter-free! (do not forget about the basket under the bed!)

When you get to clean the bathrooms, start with wiping and spraying all the counters and tubs with powerful detergent. Leave it to stay while you scrub the toilet and its outer surface. By the time you are done with it, return to the counters and wipe them down. Then you can deal with the mirror which most probably is splashed all over. The easiest way to clean it spotlessly is by means of damp paper towel. Just rub it all over the mirror and all the water splashes will be soon gone. Clean and mop the floor. Congratulations, you have your bathroom cleaned within minutes.

Now move to the living room. Get rid of all the clutter so it can be easier to clean. Start in one corner and clean around, dust initially the blinds and then move the other surfaces (top to bottom, side to side!). Vacuum the upholstery with a vacuum cleaner to extract crumbs, dust, pet hair, etc. The last cleaning step in every room should be the hoovering. It is a good thing to be known.

My advice is to leave the kitchen as a final duty. Put all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and then start cleansing the counter tops. Wipe down all cabinets and the rest surfaces and kitchen appliances again starting from top. When cleaning your refrigerator, make sure to throw away all the expired food because you do not want to poison your guests, right? Plus, expired food can smell so bad that you can feel it in the entire property, not only in the kitchen.

In a conclusion, cleaning an entire home in a short time is not a mission impossible. You just need to concentrate and remember that cleaning is always done from top to bottom and the floors are the last step of the entire process.

Guest post by Amanda Rosenfeld

 Amanda Rosenfeld tries her best to balance work and family. In her busy life she strives to find time to explore one of her most loved hobbies – to write articles about cleaning, organizing and DIY which are her passion.

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  1. I like cleaning a room a day and something different in each room. These are great tips that are suggested.
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