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I’m not sure where the month of August went but here I am again linking up with Anne From Anne In Residence for her Currently September 2018. 

Currently September 2018 from

Currently September 2018

Currently I am . . .

Starting to gather all the things I need to take for my daughter’s wedding. The wedding is this Saturday, just 3 more days! She is getting married in the Texas Hill Country which is about a 3 hour drive for me. The groom’s mother and myself are in charge of the rehearsal dinner Friday evening. I’m trying to make sure I have all the things I need for that plus everything for the actual wedding!

Buying new carpet for our upstairs. The carpet that is currently up there is what came with the house 20 years ago. Now that the kids are all grown and have moved out it will be nice to have new carpet!

Sharing my gluten free/sugar free treats with my assistant principal. When the school year started he told me he was on the “Roseann” diet. He’s trying to eat healthier and so he cut gluten and sugar out of his diet. But I know it can be difficult to maintain without some sort of treat. So whenever I make something I take some to work for him.

Reading or maybe I should say weeding through my email. I don’t know about you but if I don’t check my email for a few days it seems that it compounds rather quickly. Most of it is junk so I just delete a large majority of it and only read the ones that are of importance.

Recording not much of anything! But I sure hope someone records my daughter’s wedding!

That’s about it for me! What have you been up to lately?

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7 comments on “Currently September 2018

  1. Wow! Congratulations to your daughter. Do you remember, you sent me mug and gifts for the mug and tea cup exchange program conducted by Stephanie? Those gifts were superb!

  2. Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding! Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Laurie recently posted…We Define Success in Our Own WayMy Profile

  3. Yes, joining you in the daily wading through junk mail. I have threatened to put a trash can beside my mail box to save step!
    Michele Morin recently posted…4 Ways to Boost Your Self-Care QuotientMy Profile

  4. Oh man, I know what you mean about email – I went on vacation last week and just kind of wanted to torch the whole inbox when I got home. So much junk to weed through!

    Hope the wedding is fabulous!

  5. Congratulations to your daughter and you!Your picture is really beautiful.Hugs!

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