Free August Desktop Wallpapers

Free August Desktop Wallpapers from #free #desktop #wallpaper #august #technology

Next Thursday is the first day of August! Time to get your Free August Desktop Wallpapers and  download them to your computer! There are four designs to choose from. Pick your favorite or download a different one each week. The s’mores design goes perfect with my August camping planner stickers. Just save them to your computer and use them to personalize your desktop for the month of August. For a bonus, they all have the calendar for the month of August! 

You can access all the files here. All four images are available for free download. For directions on how to install them on your computer just check below.

Free August Desktop Wallpapers

Free August Desktop Wallpapers from #free #desktop #wallpaper #august #technology

If you are not familiar with how to change your desktop wallpaper, here are the directions. First go to an empty spot on your desktop. Right click and then click on “personalize”. Once the personalization screen opens click on background. Choose “picture” from the drop down menu then click on “browse”. Find where you saved the file and click to open it. Finally, choose a fit – I like to use fill but you can try the others to see which you like best.

Hope you enjoy your new August wallpaper!

Free August Desktop Wallpaper from #free #desktop #wallpaper #August

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