Valentine’s Day Mini Quilt

Valentine's Day Mini Quilt Tutorial from #ValentinesDay #Quilt #miniquilt #tutorial

Collaborating once again this month with a lovely group of Bloggers to bring you some new craft ideas. For the January Craft Destash we are challenged to create a project using only items currently found in our craft stash. We were to make something new with crafty supplies or re-make an item we’ve been holding on to for a while. For this challenge, hosted by Megan from C’mon Get Crafty,  I decided to make this Valentine’s Day Mini Quilt

Valentine's Day Mini Quilt Tutorial from #ValentinesDay #Quilt #miniquilt #tutorial

Valentine’s Day Mini Quilt

Learn how to make a mini quilt for your Valentine's Day decor!

This challenge allows for $10 of additional materials as needed. However, I had all of these materials with the exception of the seam binding which only cost a couple of dollars. So overall a very inexpensive decoration!

9 different red/pink fabrics (I used fat quarters but you could use 1/3 yard of each)
1 yard white fabric
1 yard backing fabric
2 packages matching binding (or make your own)
matching thread


From the pink gingham fabric cut 3 – 2 ½” strips across the 21″ side. Then cut 2 – 2½” strips from the pink flower fabric. From all the other pink/red fabrics cut just 1 – 2½ strip from each and save for later. Also cut 9 – 2½” squares from one of the lighter colored fabrics and save these for later as well.

Cut 4 – 2½” strip across the width of the white fabric (42″). Using 2 of them, divide/cut these to match your pink gingham and pink flower strips. With right sides together, sew a white strip to each of the pink gingham and pink flower strips using a ¼” seam. Press seams open towards the pink fabrics.

Then cut each of those pink/white strips into 2½” wide pieces. Take 2 matching pieces and flip one. With right sides together sew those two pieces together with a ¼” seam. (See picture below).


Valentine's Day Mini Quilt 1

Next, cut 8 – 5″ squares from white fabric. Also cut 4 – 5″ squares from the red dot fabric and 4 – 5″ squares from the red heart fabric. Sew 1 red fabric to one white fabric to make a half square triangle. Cut these apart to create your 2 color squares. Trim all the squares to the same width and length.


Now you are basically making 4 identical blocks as shown below with the blocks being rotated after they are made. Lay out your squares as shown in the picture on the left. Then sew the top 3 squares together, the middle 3 squares together and the bottom 3 squares together. Then take the rows and sew then together. All seams are ¼” and are pressed towards the darker fabric.


Valentine's Day Mini Quilt 2

After all 4 blocks are sewn together, sew the saved  2½” strips together in a red/white pattern. Cut 4 – 2½” strips from that piece. Sew one of those strips between 2 blocks then sew another one between the other 2 blocks. You now have a left side and a right side. Take the remaining 2 strips and sew one of the 2½” squares between them making one long strip. This strip will be sewn between the left and right sides.


Valentine's Day Mini Quilt 3


Finally you will add the border which is made from the remaining white strips and the 2½” squares. Sew 1 – 2½” square between 2 white strips. Repeat with the other 6 white strips. Sew 1 of these to the right side of the quilt and 1 to the left side of the quilt, trimming the ends even with the end of the quilt. Add a 2½” square to the ends of each of the other 2 strips (trim white strips to correct length before sewing these squares on). Then sew one of these strips to the top and one to the bottom of the quilt.

valentine quilt steps


Add your batting and backing and quilt as desired. Then add the seam binding to finish off. To add hanging strips cut 5″ strips of the seam border and sew them to the back of the top.

craft room destash


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Valentine's Day Mini Quilt Tutorial from #ValentinesDay #Quilt #miniquilt #tutorial

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10 comments on “Valentine’s Day Mini Quilt

  1. Adorable, Roseann! Looks like a lovely wall hanging for anytime of the year, not just Valentines! Great instructions,too!

  2. So pretty, Roseann! Hope you will come and link this up tomorrow at Tuesday Turn About!

  3. This is so pretty, I love your design! How sweet this would be for a baby girl’s room as well!

  4. Such a pretty mini quilt! The fabrics are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  5. What a pretty way to create a Valentine’s Day piece. It’s lovely.
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  6. That’s super cute for Valentine’s Day, Roseann!

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  8. Your quilt is adorable! Love the Valentines theme!

  9. This is such a sweet quilt, thanks for sharing your tutorial

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