Tortilla Warmer Tutorial Just in time for Cinco de Mayo I’ve created this Tortilla Warmer Tutorial. Simply slide your tortillas inside then pop in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Your tortillas will come out nice and warmed! *this post contains affiliate links     Materials: 1/3 yard[…]

Springtime Citrus Body Butter

Springtime Citrus Body Butter With my autoimmune diseases, I am at a higher risk to develop cancer. Therefore, using personal care products that contain toxins and carcinogens is something I avoid as much as possible. I make a lot of my own products using natural ingredients and essential[…]

National Quilting Day Roundup Today is National Quilting Day. If you enjoy quilting or just love looking at quilts, I hope you enjoy this  National Quilting Day Roundup! I have been quilting since I was a teenager. I love to quilt but am by no means an expert.[…]

Happy National Sewing Month! September is National Sewing Month. President Ronald Reagan declared the month of September as National Sewing Month in 1982 as a way to recognize the importance of home sewing. At the age of 12, girl scouts gave me a basic knowledge of sewing.  In[…]

Friday Freebie – Inspirational Summer Planner Stickers! I used to have a paper planner.  Then everything went electronic.  Remember when everyone was sporting a new palm pilot – the “personal digital assistant”? That was in the mid 1990’s! However, it now it seems paper planners are back in[…]

Washable Milk Crate Chair Cushion

Sav I got a text from my daughter at the beginning of summer – “Mom, if you are not too busy this summer I have a few projects for you to do”.  My daughter teaches pre-k and  I teach 5th/6th grade.  During the summer months I do like[…]