Enchanting Rose 10th Teacup/Mug Exchange Reveal Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose was holding her 10th teacup and mug exchange the beginning of March and I was so happy I was able to sign up. It was a little like having a Secret Santa in March!  So here is[…]

How To Use Bloglovin

How to Use Bloglovin Bloglovin is a great web service to keep up with all the blogs you follow.  When you set up a Bloglovin account at www.bloglovin.com you add the names of the blogs you follow. You can also search for any related blogs you might like. […]

Pinterest’s New Look Have you seen Pinterest’s new look? I was looking through the feed on my Pinterest account this evening.  I refreshed the page to get updated pins and all of the sudden there was a different appearance!  I thought something was wrong with my computer so[…]