Free August Desktop Wallpapers from #free #desktop #wallpaper #august #technology

Next Thursday is the first day of August! Time to get your Free August Desktop Wallpapers and  download them to your computer! There are four designs to choose from. Pick your favorite or download a different one each week. The s’mores design goes perfect with my August camping[…]

August 2019 Planner Stickers #free #stickers #planner #ErinCondren #Happy

Are you ready for August? In our area we start school early this year. Teachers report back to school on August 6! For the rest of you who start school a little later, here are the August 2019 Planner Stickers made with a camping theme in mind. If[…]

Currently August 2017

Currently August 2017 Joining up again with Anne from Anne In Residence to participate in her Currently August 2017 blog link up.  Currently August 2017 . . . Snacking on – Blueberries, So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk Yogurt as well as almonds and cashews. Although I’m beginning to add[…]